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Puff Puff Laugh Goes Online Saturday 4/17 to Celebrate 420

Producing comedy shows is always an exciting challenge. The opportunity to partner with amazing organizations is just icing on the comedy cake. ūüėČ I am very excited to announce that Las Locas Comedy is producing another amazing night of virtual comedy to support local small businesses in the area that the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce serves. Stay indica – I mean in the house – and watch a hilarious night of comedy on Saturday 4/17/21.

Originally posted on the   Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce website.

Are you ready to unwind and treat yourself? Chicago is gearing up to celebrate 4/20; a counterculture pseudo-holiday dedicated to lighting up, calming down, and all things cannabis. If you’re planning an indulgent night-in or a virtual smoke-sesh with friends, you’re going to need supplies. You’re going to need entertainment. And you’re going to want it to be easy-peasy. Well, lucky you! We’ve got you covered with the first Ravenswood   Puff Puff Laugh Comedy Show and   Ravenswood Buddy Bundle!

First, we teamed up with   Las Locas Comedy Presents to put together a Zoom comedy show featuring some of the funniest rising stars in the Chicago comedy scene. Then, we called up our friends (Ravenswood small businesses) to gather everything you need to enjoy a perfectly relaxing, hilarious, and delicious 4/20 weekend.

Puff Puff Laugh Comedy Show on 4/17

Enjoy some chuckles with your bud(s) from the comfort of home!  Las Locas Comedy presents an evening of performances from a diverse lineup of Chicago’s hottest comics beamed directly to your screens and devices live via Zoom!

The show takes place on   Saturday, April 17th  and starts at 8pm. Host  Janice Rodriguez will be joined by comics Gwen La Roka, Dan Cass, and Jess Martinez. Check out the performer bios below!   Tickets are only $10.  Sales end at 5pm on 4/17/21.   Proceeds benefit the GRCC and our work supporting small businesses.

Get by with a little help from our friends! The Ravenswood Buddy Bundle includes locally-made snacks, CBD-infused treats, cannabis accessories, and other goodies.

We teamed up with some of our favorite neighborhood small businesses to curate the perfect smoke session for your 4/20 weekend. Chemical free, eco-friendly, luxury pre-rolled cones. Refreshing juice made with Granny Smith apples, parsley, kale, cucumbers, carrots, and lemon. CBD gummies for chilling out, a lighter for sparking up, and a munchie-stuffed half pint of ice cream for cooling off.

We’ve even got your salty crunchies and your chewy sweets!

The Ravenswood Buddy Bundle includes:

  • a link to watch the¬†Puff Puff Laugh Comedy Show¬† ¬†¬†live on 4/17
  • 1 pack of 10mg CBD Gummies (10ct) from¬†Higher Healing
  • 6 Black & Gold Designer Pre-Rolled Cones (cannabis not included) from¬† ¬†Canna Bella Lux
  • a 12-piece box of Signature Caramels (sea salt caramel, rich dark chocolate sea salt, juicy passion fruit mango, and tangy raspberry) from¬† ¬†Amy‚Äôs Candy Bar
  • 1 bottle of House Green Juice from¬† ¬†City Press Juice & Bottle
  • a half pint of¬†My Feelings¬† ¬†¬†(chocolate w/ fudge brownies, Reese‚Äôs peanut butter cups, salty pretzel bits, and M&Ms) from¬† ¬†Milky Milky Ice Cream
  • 1 bag of¬†Jays Original Potato Chips¬† (1.25 oz)
  • plus swag and smoke accessories from¬† ¬†Nature‚Äôs Grace and Wellness

Note:  Buddy Bundle sales will close on Friday, April 9th.