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Comedy Crossover Tour Comes to Chicago

It started with an instant message!  During the pandemic, we had an amazing opportunity to connect with Chingonas across the country!

One day in 2020, comedian and producer Irma Ruiz from San Antonio sent us a message like “Hey, I have a Chingona Comedy show here. I love what you’re doing. Let’s connect.”So we did! We’ve grown our relationship with her and locas across the country and we’ve been working towards THIS moment!

We’re proud to introduce the Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour!  From Thursday, October 6th through Saturday, October 8th, we have three amazing shows (come to one or come to all!) featuring our favorite locas from TX, LA and of course Chicago!
Buy your tickets TODAY to take advantage of early bird pricing (through midnight September 25th.)

10/06/22: Chingona Comedy Hour at Laugh Factory Chicago

10/07/22: Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour with Good Vibe Comedy at Fergie & Foz in Summit, IL

10/08/22: Chingona Comedy Crossover Tour with La Cabrona Comedy at Simone’s in Pilsen